October Campout: Pioneering

The October Campout will be at Hickory Hills Hideaway in East Texas from October 19-21. The campout will focus on Pioneering Skills and it’ll be lots of fun. Webelos boys are welcome to join with a parent! Please fill out this Pioneering Campout Permission Slip and return it in its own envelope with cash in small bills.

Also here’s information about Circle Ten Xperience in November and the Circle 10 Xperience permission slip. Due to reservation requirements, we need to collect the money and permission slips early.

We’re collecting money/permission slips for both next week at the October Money Monday, October 15th.  It’s very important that the Scouts turn in the money/permission slips for each campout separately to avoid confusion and mixing up of money.

We have an Open House coming up. You’re welcome to attend!

Webelos, please RSVP to info@T1000.org if you would like to attend either event or both.

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