April: Camporee

Troop this upcoming weekend is Camporee!  We will be competing against other Troops in Scout Skills like:

  • Monk Martin’s Tug-o-War
  • The Flying Axes of Alex (Tomahawk Toss)
  • The Archers of Kyle
  • Sir Sharrock’s Sack Race
  • King MacInnis’s Slingshot
  • Lighting the Castle Fire (Fire Building)
  • Queen Tamara’s Joust
  • Sir Nugget’s Biscuit Toss (Pancake Flip)
  • Brave Sir Morris’s Quest (compass)
  • Tossing the Pome

Please fill out the Camporee permission slip and bring it to the meeting tonight. Also note that the meeting will start at 7PM tonight so that we have plenty of time to cook!

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