Eagle Palm Changes

Bryan Wendell, BSA Senior Editor and author of the “Bryan on Scouting” blog site has published major changes in the way Scouts earn Eagle Palms. These modifications go into effect on August 1, 2017. For a complete read, please see the post on how Scouts can earn Eagle Palms.

Here are some highlights:

Background: Eagle Palms are presented to Scouts who earn merit badges beyond the 21 required for the Eagle Scout rank.

The changes better align Eagle Palm requirements with the needs of Scouts, particularly those who are approaching their 17th or 18th birthdays. The BSA National Scouting Subcommittee has eliminated several possible impediments to receiving recognition for continuing Scout learning.

All earned Palms may be instantly awarded to new Eagle Scouts at their Court of Honor. Two other major revisions are eliminating Palm boards of review and broadening the definition of “active participation.”

Here’s what’s changing…

  • A new Eagle Scout can instantly receive, along with his Eagle medal, all Palms he has earned for merit badges beyond the 21 for Eagle, completed before he became an Eagle Scout.
  • After becoming an Eagle Scout and receiving the Palms already earned, additional Palms may be earned by completing the revised requirements, including the three months’ tenure between awarding each Palm.
  • The three-month tenure requirement has been expanded to allow active participation in any BSA program — not just in his the troop and patrol.
  • The leadership requirement has been broadened to include “accepting responsibility” and “demonstrating leadership.”
  • The Eagle Palm board of review has been removed, based on the fact that Palms aren’t ranks. A unit leader conference will be considered sufficient and may be conducted at any time during the 3-month tenure.

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