iFly STEM flights

iFly Indoor Skydiving is now an approved BSA Scout activity as part of the STEM program. We have a spot reserved for Friday, May 31st from 3:30 to 6 pm. The cost is $45 per scout and is contingent upon us having a minimum of 15 flyers.

The program covers all BSA requirements for the STEM Flight Program, three minutes of flight time (1 minute of acrobatic flight with the flight instructor). Please know that the flight time is based on the average free fall time experienced while doing an actual skydive. This works out to a little over 2 skydives.

This activity is open to Scouts and Scouters in both T1000 and T3000. Mr. Gumm needs to have firm commitments by this Thursday. By committing, you are committing to the financial obligation. Please email Mr. Gumm with parent name, parent email, and Scout name so he can add you to the official flight list and send you additional waiver information.

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