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Merit Badge University

When: April 1, 2017 (No joke)

Where: UT Dallas Campus

Time: 8 am to 5 pm

Cost: $15 per Scout; bring $5 for lunch

From time to time an opportunity comes up for our Scouts to take advantage of a “Merit Badge College” – or a series of classes covering multiple MBs all at one location in a short period of time.

The Alpha Phi Omega Scouting Service fraternity is offering just such an opportunity at UT Dallas on April 1st (no joke) this year.

The Circle 10 council, Golden Arrow District and Troop 1000 have approved and endorsed this college.  While all requirements may not be able to be passed while attending for the required time, T1000 MB counselors will help Scouts complete any requirements not covered or signed off in the classes.

Scouts should discuss the MBs they are interested in signing up for with their Patrol Advisor and obtain Blue Cards from them.  Scouts should be prepared to review what they have learned with Troop counselors.

There is a long list of many MBs, a lot of them Eagle required, that Scouts interested can sign up for – space permitting (sign up soon).

Here is where you will need to register:


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