Money Monday

Money Monday

“Money Monday” is held the meeting or two before a campout. It is when the Scouts must turn in permission slips and fees for the campout, check out tents, and make final arrangements for the campout. Please check the calendar for upcoming Money Mondays.

Each Scout attending an activity MUST give ALL money, permission slips, and any other required items to his Patrol Scribe prior to 8:00 pm on Money Monday.

If a Scout is absent that evening then someone else may deliver the right items to the Scout’s Patrol Scribe. Money MUST be in cash and exact change in small bills (none large than $5 please and NO CHECKS) unless otherwise stated. Permission slips and all other required items must accompany payment.

Please understand that there is a great deal of coordination and preparation required for things to work right. Rides must be confirmed, food money distributed, additional consideration made, and so forth. Your cooperation will help assure your Scout will go camping!

Permission Slips

Signed Permission Slips are required for Scouts to attend Troop activities (outside of normal Troop and Patrol meetings). Part of the permission slip contains a release for the Troop to obtain medical help for the Scout if he is injured.

Permission slips also contain contact information for both the troop’s and parent’s use, and other pertinent information for the parents. Any Scout showing up for an activity that requires a permission slip without one will not be allowed to participate in that activity.

Parents will be required to either come and get the Scout, or fill out a slip. Contact telephone numbers on the slip must be numbers at which parents can be reached during the event. In case of an emergency, the information provided is the only way to reach you.

Permission slips are distributed one or two weeks before an activity, and should be turned in with camping fees on Money Monday. They are also downloadable from this website. This is a three-part form. Please keep the top part — do not separate the bottom two parts. The Troop 1000 Food Allergies, Requirements, or Special Considerations form must be submitted for EACH Event — copies are NOT kept on file

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