Taste of Scouting 2021@ RLC

Taste of Scouting is a yearly event for local Troops to show off their great programs to incoming Webelos and their families. This year, Taste of Scouting will be located at our own home base. This event will be held in the Resurrection Lutheran Church parking lot on January 30, 2021 from 9a-3p.  We ask for …

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Scoutmaster Minute: November 2020

The Commodity of Time  Imagine you have a bank account that receives a deposit of $86,400 every morning. At the end  of the day, whatever money is left is confiscated by the bank. You can’t carry any of it over with  you to the next day, and you can’t draw money from future days. Each …

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Philmont 2021 Practices

Troop 1000 Scouts and Scouters, group meetings and practices have begun. If you have not alerted Mr. Gumm that you would like to be a part of Philmont 2021, let him know ASAP at steve_gumm@verizon.net.The dates for Philmont are July 10-26, 2021. Please use this packing list for all practice sessions. We will practice rain …

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Popcorn 2020

Greetings Troop 1000 Scouts and Families.It is fundraising time for our scouting program again.  I know this is a very strange time for everyone involved but fundraising is important to the well-being of our troop.  Over 70% of sales goes back to Scouting and 30% to your scout’s account.  My scout, Sam, has paid for …

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Troop 1000 Scoutmaster Minute: June 2020

There is a light at the end of the quarantine/shutdown tunnel! After three months of major disruptions to life as we know it, our state and country are slowly opening back up businesses, churches, social gatherings, and most importantly in this forum, scouting. While the social adjustments from COVID-19 have caused some major interruption to …

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Camp Cards Fundraiser

About the Cards Cards sell for $10; $5 goes to the scoutEach card has three single-use, tear-off coupons, and the remaining card has reusable discountsSingle-use: $10 off $100 at Tom Thumb or Albertson’s, $10 off $50 at Dick’s Sporting goods, and a free cheese fries with a purchase at Snuffers DiscountsRepeatable: includes Schlotzky’s (free chips …

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Troop 1000 Monthly Themes

Every month is matched up with a theme. Each theme for the month is headed by the Program Patrol. The Program Patrol is responsible for planning the Troop meetings and the campout related to that month’s theme. Some months have more or fewer meetings than others but the Program Patrol is still responsible for that …

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How to Get Updates From Troop 1000

The Troop sends updates to keep families informed. For example, when the Scouts return from a campout, the Troop sends out a notification on their estimated arrival time. Troop 1000 now uses the Slack app for all notices. To get information on how to join the Troop 1000 Slack, please contact Gavain McDonald.

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Welcome to One Grand Troop of Plano, Texas!

On behalf of the Scouts and Scouters (Scoutmaster, Assistant Scoutmasters and Troop Committee) of Troop 1000, we welcome your family to our organization, and will do all that we can to help make your son’s Scouting experience the best that it can be. Prospective families: The Troop Family Guide has most …

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Inclement Weather

Troop 1000 follows PISD’s recommendations when it comes to canceling meetings. When PISD cancels school and after-school events, we will cancel our meeting. When there is no school, such as Martin Luther King. Jr. holiday, the Troop will make a decision 30 to 60 minutes before a meeting. Then we will send a cancelation notice …

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