Cast Iron Chef – Winners!

Once a humble Monthly program idea from the Chiefs Patrol has grown into a do-or-die situation that has lasted through COVID to the rainy Spring of 2021. On Monday, May 24, 2021 Troop 1000 has completed their Cast Iron Chef Program.

All patrols were expected to prepare an entrée and a dessert.

The first ingredient was Steak. All patrols were expected to prepare a steak in any manner they saw fit as long as it was prepared in a Cast Iron Dutch Oven.

Bald Eagles: Steak seasoning with onions and Portobello mushrooms

Chiefs: Steak seasoning

Hornets: Barbeque

Silver Foxes: Steak Stew (Out of the box points)

Winner: Bald Eagles
2nd: Chiefs
3rd: Hornets
Honorable Mention: Silver Foxes

The second ingredient was Dark Chocolate. All patrols desserts had to incorporate dark chocolate into their concoctions. could be a patrol favorite or something new.

Bald Eagles: Chocolate Cherry Dump Cake/Pudding

Chiefs: Chocolate Covered Strawberries (excellent presentation)

Hornets: Brownies

Silver Foxes: Chocolate Cherry Dump Cake/Pudding

Winner: Bald Eagles
2nd Chiefs
3rd: Silver Foxes
Honorable Mention: Hornets

Congratulations to all entrants and we expect to see some more of your culinary expressions at the next campout.

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