Troop 1000 Eagle Scouts – 2023

Troop 1000 is proud to extend a hearty Congratulations and a WEY-HEY!
to our 2023 Eagle Candidates. May many more follow in your footsteps.

February 9, 2023

March 28, 2023

September 21, 2023

December 5, 2023

December 13, 2023

December 19, 2023

Theo Smeltzer

I decided to work with Scottish Rite Hospital – an organization I felt very connected to because of my previous experience there as a patient. With the help of 25 volunteers, I was able to pay homage to Troop 1000 by sourcing, crafting, and assembling  1000 hygiene  and art kits for Scottish Rite patients and their families. 

Haroon Tondaladinne

My project was to repaint the outdoor basketball play yard at Saigling Elementary School. The US map and other graphics had faded over the years and were in need of a major refresh. I directed the Scouts and family members to repaint all the state colors and outlines as well as the Four-Square lines and other emblems. There was a challenge with the paint as we had to pause to get more than we originally planned.

Jeffery John

I led a group of scouts and church volunteers to repaint our church parking lot lines. We painted about 70 parking spots and repainted the fire lanes, handicap parking and curbs. We had to split the work and do it in 2 days since we had few challenges initially with using spray paint and not enough volunteers as planned. I had to pause and re plan the strategy, then run to Home Depot and purchase new materials like wood to make stencil and gallon paints and brushes.

Sam Sherrod

I led a group of scouts to refurbish my Youth Room at St. Luke’s Lutheran Church. The room had been turned into a large closet over the years. Old carpet had to be removed. New vinyl floor was laid down and new cabinets were installed for storage. A refrigerator was donated but I flipped the door so it would open the right way. Finally I installed a new TV mount to the wall that allowed articulation.

Matthew Farrell

I led a group of Scouts and volunteers to build a 7’x11’ concrete pad for the Heritage Farmstead Museum. The concrete pad was built to support corn grinders to help feed the animals, specifically the chickens. It took around 8 hours and was done with a concrete mixer and the help of 8 scouts. I had never worked with cement before so I made a test plot at my house for garbage cans.

Tucker McDonald

Heights Baptist Church asked for some new benches for their seating area. 

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