Scout Advancement

Newer Scouts: Trail to First Class

New Scouts working their way through Scout, Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First Class focus on learning all the basics of Scouting. Once they have reached First Class, they can’t be any more of a Scout, only a better Scout. There’s little emphasis on Merit Badges during this period. For most of them, they’ll earn their first Merit Badges at summer camp. Don’t let all the information about Merit Badges overwhelm you. Scouts will start diving into that as they approach First Class rank.

Merit Badges

First Class rank and up have Merit Badge requirements to help them reach the 21 Merit Badges they need to have for Eagle. Of the 21, 13 are Eagle-required. They can choose eight elective Merit Badges to work on.

Scouts ready to work on a Merit Badge start by talking to their Patrol Adviser. Once they receive a blue card (tracks Merit Badge progress) from the PA, then they need to contact the T1000 Merit Badge Counselor for the MB before they start working on requirements. Start with the first MB counselor listed.

Rank Requirements

Scout Rank
Scout Rank Tenderfoot Rank Second Class Rank First Class Rank
Eagle Scout badge
Star Rank Life Rank Eagle Rank Eagle Palms

Advancements and Awards


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