Camp Cards Fundraiser

About the Cards

  • Cards sell for $10; $5 goes to the scout
  • Each card has three single-use, tear-off coupons, and the remaining card has reusable discounts
    • Single-use: $10 off $100 at Tom Thumb or Albertson’s, $10 off $50 at Dick’s Sporting goods, and a free cheese fries with a purchase at Snuffers Discounts
    • Repeatable: includes Schlotzky’s (free chips & drink w sandwich), Sonic (BOGO burger or hot dog), El Chico’s $2 off 10, Sports Clips $2 off, Texas Rangers, Mesquite Rodeo, Medieval Times, a few others. No Whataburger this year, no Wendy’s.
  • Good until the end of the year, except the grocery one thru the end of June.

About sales

  • Camp cards need to be returned to Lindsay Dreher no later than June 23rd. Any camp cards that are not returned by that date will be considered sold and will need to be paid for.
  • Scouts can take cards to sell individually, and/or attend scheduled sales in front of stores.
  • At first, the district only allows us to schedule one sale in front of Dick’s (Fri, Sat, Sun only in March and April), and two in front of Tom Thumb (all days in April except Easter weekend); other slots usually come available in the future. It is strategic to grab the earliest dates as your guaranteed slots and grab later dates as the district frees them up.
  • If you have connections or suggestions about other stores that might be open to sales, please contact Lindsay. The more locations and sales, the better.
  • Up to 4 scouts can sell at each sale; one registered parent or leader (besides me) will need to attend to adhere to two-deep leadership, but will not need to participate (ie, bring a chair and a book).
  • If taking cards to sell:
    • The cards or the equivalent in money must be returned to Lindsay Dreher by April 26 (but can be turned in earlier). eg: If you take 10 cards, you must return 10 cards, or return $100, or return $70 plus 3 cards, etc.
    • Additional cards can be checked out as needed and we can get more from the district; there is no limit to how many you can sell.
    • Broken cards cannot be returned, so don’t tear off the end strips.
    • If you accept checks, please have them written out to Troop 1000 and bring them to the
    • next troop meeting so that they can be cashed in a timely manner.
    • For every 25 cards sold, the scout is eligible to enter a drawing. Please notify me if your scout sells a multiple of 25 cards, so I can submit their entry form.

Questions? Contact Lindsay Dreher.

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