Popcorn 2020

Greetings Troop 1000 Scouts and Families.It is fundraising time for our scouting program again.  I know this is a very strange time for everyone involved but fundraising is important to the well-being of our troop.  Over 70% of sales goes back to Scouting and 30% to your scout’s account.  My scout, Sam, has paid for every year of Summer Camp via popcorn sales. If your Scout is interested in selling popcorn, please go to  https://www.trails-end.com/  and register and read/watch all the sales training. 

Use the username and password from last year if you sold then.This year, Trail’s End is promoting online sales more than ever and backing it up with higher points totals for online sales and absorbing all credit card fees when ordering through their app.  Download the app from the Trail’s End site or here (Android) or here (Apple

It is probably easiest and safest for all involved to do Online Sales and Take Order Sales sharing your scout’s store site and the app for door-to-door sales. I don’t think we’ll be participating in Storefront Sales.  Be aware there is a “Take Order” list and an “Online Order” list.  There’s more product available in the Online Order list but it does cost for shipping. Online Order shipments happen within 2 weeks except for chocolate items which won’t ship til October.  Scouts will receive Take Order product to deliver in November.

The Troop has Square readers for your phones and you can request your own from Squareup.com with a free account.  HOWEVER, you don’t take orders yourself.  Use the Trail’s End app and they take care of all Credit Card fees.Be sure to wear your Class A’s when selling. Check out the Trail’s End Popcorn  Facebook site and the circle 10 popcorn facebook site for tips and ideas for creative selling.  There are printable resources on the FB sites for things like personal flyers, business cards or door hangers.Be on the lookout for Free Shipping Weekends announced by Trail’s End and inform your customers to save on shipping.

The rewards are Amazon gift card based this year but there are other incentives such as: for a $250 sale total, Trail’s End will pony up $100 towards a Circle 10 2021 Summer Camp OR Winter Camp 2021 will be free.Sales are through the end of October.

Happy Selling! Please contact me directly with any questions.

Chris Sherrod

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