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Hobo Hockey aka BroomBall


Our final Troop Meeting for the year has been moved up a day to Sunday, December 11.

We’ve moved the offsite meeting time to 6:45 pm. It’ll be at the Dr. Pepper Stars Center at 4020 West Plano Parkway between Coit Rd. & Commerce Dr. Please fill out reservation form and put the form and cash in an envelope when you turn it in at the Dec. 5 with money.

Hobo Hockey does not require any ice skating skills and is fun for all ages. It is basically hockey played with kitchen brooms instead of sticks and a red rubber gym ball instead of a puck. We have the ice reserved for an hour but we need to get a head count to figure out interest and how much each scout will be charged. We need a head final head count by Monday, November 21. We think the cost will be between $10 and $20.

Also, if you have knee pads, elbow pads and skateboarding helmet, please bring them. If you do not have any or some of those pieces of gear the Troop will be making every effort to provide those items for you.

The Bald Eagles

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Backpacking Campout: Nov 11 – 13

McGee Creek Park

Mountains, streams, lakes, trees, and wildlife are all things one has an opportunity to get close to on a backpacking trip. Join us at the campout from Nov. 11 – 13 and spend a couple of days enjoying these things as you journey through the Ouachita Mountains wilderness of McGee Creek Natural Scenic Recreation Area near Atoka, OK.

An internal or external frame backpack is required and each Scout is asked to bring an empty 2-liter soda bottle on this campout. Pack per the T1000 backpacking checklist for cold weather.

Here’s the November Campout permission slip.

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Summer Camp

Camp Alexander ColoradoThe location of this years summer camp is Camp Alexander in Colorado from July 9 to July 15. The cost will be $330 NOT including transportation. Merit badges, and a few other expenses. a better estimate of the cost should be able to be provided later on.

If you would like to learn more about the camp, their website is https://www.pikespeakbsa.org/campalexander. More information will be sent out as we get closer.

Here are useful documents to help prepare for summer camp:

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Medical Forms

It is that time of year again to update your son’s and the troop adult medical forms. Please turn in Parts A & B immediately along with a new or updated Troop Medication Forms. You can find the forms at http://t1000.org/medical-forms.

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Clothes Closet

T1000 Clothes Closet is open every month on Money Monday to sell new items, as well as accept and distribute gently used Scout uniforms and equipment.

Here’s the list of Clothes Closet items for sale. We’re now selling socks for $8 a pair. We have a selection of sizes in the crew and ankle lengths. We carry regular and dry-fit t-shirts. Same price.

Clothes closet items for sale

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Troop 1000 2016 Monthly Themes

Month Theme Merit Badge Program Patrol
January Railroading Railroading Silver Foxes
February Caving Geology Hornets
March Space Exploration/Spring Break Space Exploration Chiefs
April Games/Camporee Game Design Ravens
May Pioneering/Family Campout Pioneering Panthers
June Summer Camp Individual-based Bald Eagles
July Cycling/Patrol Campouts N/A Silver Foxes
August Boating Boating Hornets
September Climbing Climbing Chiefs
October Wilderness Survival Wilderness Survival Panthers
November Backpacking Backpacking Ravens
December Winter Camp Individual-based Bald Eagles

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How to get Tweets from @Troop1000

Fast Follow from Twitter. Receive Tweets from @Troop1000 on your phone even if you don’t have a Twitter account or use it. This is a simple way for us to get information out in real-time. Just text follow Troop1000 to 40404.

Tell Twitter to be quiet. Turn text messages on or off by sending on or off to 40404. To stop getting Troop1000 tweets, text off @troop1000 to 40404.

Keep up with the latest Tweet. If you text Get Troop1000, the most recent Tweet will be sent to your phone.

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